[Solved] Call to undefined method App\Models\User::createToken()

Normally “Call to undefined method App\Models\User::createToken()” error comes during working on Passport API authentication. So in this blog post, we solve this issue in simple two-line. just flow me. App\Models\User.php Add method createToken is in HasApiTokens trait, you should use it In your User Model. At the above code, I added two line and I … Read more

How To Make Multi Auth In Laravel 8 [With full Source Code]

How To Make Multi Auth In Laravel 8

In this blog post, we learn How To Make Multi Auth In Laravel 8. We know laravel gives us a default auth for users but in some cases, we need another auth for admin or seller. So first here I am using a fresh laravel 8 application so first, install a laravel application and generate … Read more

How to Add and Remove “Required” in Jquery

Add and Remove Required in Jquery

In this blog post, we learn how to add and remove a required attribute in jquery. By this method, You not only able to remove or add the “required” attribute, But you can remove or add another attribute also. We do the task using attr() method. The attr() method sets or returns attributes and values … Read more