How to save base64 image to a public folder in Laravel

Hello, friends in this blog we learn how to store or save base64 images in the public folder. Friends this most common task when we working with API. An app developer provides us image in base64 and asks for the public path. So let’s go. First We need to convert an image to base64 for … Read more

How to Create a Countdown Clock with days, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds

countdown timer in javascript

In this blog post, I shared a simple Javascript code of Countdown Clock with day, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds. Which is often used for an offer or for a birthday countdown. So lets start index.html script.js You can change time in line number 7 let offer= “Sep 05, 2021 00:00:00”, style.css After finish countdown

Clear Input Field on Click in Javascript

In this blog, we learn how to clear the input and a form on click in javascript. Often when the user realizes that he has filled the form wrong or has entered the wrong input box, then there is a need to reset the form. In such a situation, with the help of javascript, we … Read more