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Date:-September 24th, 2019 , Posted On:- Web Development

This is a blog post explaining to create zip file and download in Laravel. we also see create zip single file or multiple files of a folder.

Some developer needs a file or a folder to zip and download at realtime when some website provides a downloadable link to the user. so this blog post explains how to archive or create zip file and download in Laravel.

Step:1 Install a Package name Zipper 

The first step we install a package Chumper/Zipper via composer, you can install using this command.

composer require chumper/zipper

After install add some code into Config/App.php


In Providers

 'providers' => [

In aliases

 'aliases' => [
                'Zipper' => 'Chumper\Zipper\Zipper'

Step: 3 Create a route 

create a simple route to execute a method.

Route::get('download','[email protected]');

Step: 4 Create a controller and use this package.

we install the package in our Laravel Application now, we can use it in the controller. we create a new controller for test purpose named ZipController

php artisan make: controller ZipController

And add function to download.

public function download()
        $files = glob(public_path('folder/file.txt'));
        return response()->download(public_path(""));

Zip a all file of a folder.

To zip and download all file of a folder using this code.

public function download()
        $files = glob(public_path('folder/*'));
        return response()->download(public_path(""));

Here we use only a * for all file of a folder.

So dear here we completed tutorials on how to create zip file and download in Laravel hope it helps you.

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