Which framework is in demand in 2019, Angular, Vue, Node, or ReactJS for front-end development?

This blog is about the most demanding front-end framework in 2019.

Nowadays many front-end frameworks are available and all of these have a big community supporting them, AngularJS framework is supported by Google, React supported by Facebook, and Vue is the official front-end framework for Laravel which is wildly used with Laravel but Vue is mainly used by individuals on small sized projects. 

If you really serious with front-end framework you can choose any of these frameworks and you can do fine with your career in development and design. To learn any scripting language you can develop is logical thinking, the understanding better architecture of any framework. and these concepts are the same in all frameworks.

Let's have a look at some statistics found on GitHub

  • Angular has more than 25,000 stars and 463 contributors.

  • React has more than 70,000 stars and more than 1,000 contributors.

  • Vue has almost 60,000 stars and only 120 contributors.

We can start any of script language React, Vue by simply adding the JavaScript library in the application. but here Angular is different it is used TypeScript. 

React and Vuejs focus over the size of an application by choosing things which are really required another hand Angular is best as a framework for SPA (Single Page Application ).

According to the Github Stars History for Angular, React & Vue graph.




A Github Stars History for Angular, React & Vue


Compare between Angular, React and Vue based on model and uses and purposes. 

Angular ReactJS VueJS
Used TypeScript  use a JavaScript-based approach JavaScript.
OOPS (Object-Oriented Programming) concept used in big Big and Medium. Used in a small project.
Structure-based Framework Good flexibility. Small flexibility.
To build Hybrid Applications To build a native application.  


Comparing the "Ease of Learning"


As you can see the graph Angular arguably has the steepest learning it requires you to learn a new language (TypeScript). angular bring a new feature as Dependency inject, oops concept and components modules.

React has also the good learning curve/ but react introduces JSX, a syntax which mixes JavaScript and HTML and this can be very confusing.

Overall Vue is very easy to learn and best to start that not mean Angular and React are a bad framework but Vue.js certainly is the easiest.



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