The Basic Coding Skills for Graphic Designers

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Date:-January 21st, 2019 , Posted On:- Graphics / Design

In this post, we discuss to learn graphic design and minimum requirements for start as basic graphics designers.

Many graphic designers find themselves feeling pressure in a nowadays marketplace. nowadays many software and tools are available in the market. If you’re interested to become a web designer, it’s definitely useful to know some basics of HTML/CSS and javascript. For a graphics designer best solution in IT domain for a website, mobile, application, and game development the designer’s job is just to provide graphics.

Graphic designers work with all types of media. but here we discuss related to the IT domain. To start with basic knowledge of graphic design we need to learn some structure code.

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)

The Basic Coding Skills for Graphic Designers

HTML uses for structuring content on the webpage. HTML deals with elements, tags, and attributes. this is used to create a table, image, links, list, images, and many more another element of HTML. In advance forms of HTML is HTML5 with more elaborate structures like canvases for drawing, better design for a table, form new form validation and easy syntax.


XHTML (Extensible Hypertext Markup Language)

The Basic Coding Skills for Graphic Designers

XHTML is designed to replace HTML and is considered its more stringent version. XHTML is a latest version of HTML. XHTML mainly designed to format data and easy to understand for a human being and also to parse for a machine.


CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

The Basic Coding Skills for Graphic Designers

CSS designed for design and style of HTML and XHTML and it's allows you to use HTML and XHTML to structure content but accomplish all of the page's style through the CSS file. for a graphic designer better get with CSS. CSS is a nice fit for beginners as a graphic designer.



The Basic Coding Skills for Graphic Designers

JavaScript is an awesome language for frontend and user interface if we talking about a great user interface it is possible with JavaScript.JavaScript is the most demanding language nowadays. many javascript frameworks are available in the market such as Angular, Vue, React and others. JavaScript makes easy into form validation form and data search in data tables.


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