What is cloud technology or cloud computing?

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This post describes the basic knowledge about cloud and cloud computing.


What is the cloud?

What is cloud technology or cloud computing?

cloud or cloud computing is a modern technology that lets you develop your IT capabilities according to your desire or according to your business needs and can be used anywhere - at the office, house or any other holiday site. Because the cloud is accessible by a network like the Internet. It provides 'as a service' to IT capabilities, such as software applications, storage, network, interface, infrastructure etc. Cloud not only increases the working capacity of the staff, but it is also quite economical.

Benefits of Cloud


Let's explore in detail how Cloud can be beneficial for your business:

  1. Economical: Customers do not have to make any investments in their infrastructure ie infrastructure or equipment, so Cloud proves very economical in the long run. In addition, the payment of the cloud is to you through the 'pay as you go' method depending on the demand of your resources. In this way, the customer avoids unnecessary or extra payment and only gives the same amount as the resources are used by his business - fewer resources and fewer resources and more money.
  2. Secure: If your laptop or business phone is lost, then your critical business data goes along with it and it does not lessen to you any terrible tragedy. But if your data is stored in the cloud like OneDrive, then you do not even have to fear it, because you can reach it by using any device or machine. And you can also remotely wipe all critical data from your lost device.
  3. Skills Enhancement: Cloud utilizes the optimum capacity of resources, so Cloud solutions prove to be very beneficial.
  4. Avoiding Downtime: Cloud is a network of connected servers. Therefore, if any node fails, all its load takes away the second cloud node, so your site is on the cloud server, or cloud services, never down.
  5. Disaster recovery: Big business can afford extra IT resources for disaster management, but this is an extra expense for SMBs because the IT resources used in the disaster management are left empty, that disaster They will be used during Cloud SMBs provide a low cost and safe disaster recovery mechanism.
  6. Environmental compatibility: Cloud conserves energy and provides efficient technical solutions to your business by emitting less carbon percentage than efficient use of resources.
  7. Incentives to new experiments: If you are a developer, tester or IT engineer, you can easily test your experiments with the cloud - harmless live environment and these cloud test infrastructure which will be changed frequently according to testing It can be very economical compared to the change in real environment.





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