Which is better for web development, Laravel or Flask?

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Brijpal Sharma
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Date:-February 28th, 2019 , Posted On:- Web Development

In this post, we comparing between Flask vs Laravel most of community recommends for Flask for most people. if the question is "What are the best framework for the backend?" Flash is ranked on 2 while Laravel is on the 6th rank.

Which is better for web development, Laravel or Flask?

The most important reason the developer chose Flask because it's very easy to get up and going with the latest vanilla HTML. we know that python famous for less line of code so it's fast.

Line of Stackoverflow

"From 2016 to 2017, the year over year growth of Python in the US and UK market has been a steady 27%, much higher than the rate at which PHP has been growing".

Laravel and Flask the framework have their own advantages and disadvantages besides some distinctive features.  However, in the recent past, an increasing number of developers have switched to Python from PHP, for many benefits like robustness, better design, and readability and many that the Python programming language provides.

Why python is best?

Parameters Python PHP
Popularity Gaining more popularity because of easy-of-learning and simplicity. More popular than Python but losing traction.
Adoption  Over 20% year-of-year adoption rate. Losing year-of-year adoption. 
Community & support Massive community & support and support from the Python Software Foundation. Less support compares to Python.
Websites use  Youtube, Quora, Dropbox, Reddit, Google, Instagram, Survey Monkey, Spotify Wordpress, Yahoo, Tumbler, Wikipedia, Facebook


GitHub Stats According to the stackshare

  Flask Laravel
Fans 2.71K 4K
Jobs 879 366
Votes 1.07K 2.56K
Github Star 42.2K 50.3K
Github Forks 12.4K 15.4K


Python is better well design than PHP

Most of the experienced developers feel Python well-structured language which is not possible with PHP.

Easy to Learn

If we talk about easy to learn both are well documented but as developer point view the main thing what is likely to create the maximum value for you in the long term.

Superior Framework

No dought Python has more superior Framework than PHP. Python has Django, Pyramid, Pylons ( Django is the clear winner. It is extremely easy to use, secure, and fast ) and PHP has Laravel, Kohana, Symfony, CodeIgniter, and Zend.

Syntax Is Much Simpler than PHP

Python has much Simpler than another programming language. we know that python not uses curly braces like another programming language.

Python has a Large developer ecosystem and easily available debugging tools for the Python language. using these tools is quite simple. It gives to developers with Python Debugger (PDB).



Overall we see Python is the greatest, most demanding and adaptable programming language nowadays. In most of the cases, Python overlap on PHP based on community support and easy-to-learn.




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September 27th, 2019 - 8:42AM

Yeah in this blog we will understand about 2 different language which are used in Laravel and flask. but the fact is that python is the most secure and usable language.

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