Copy Current URL to Clipboard Jquery

In this post I a simple Jquery code to copy the current URL to the clipboard. Here I make a simple button. Button JQuery code You can create a temporary DOM element to hold the URL.

How to save base64 image to a public folder in Laravel

Hello, friends in this blog we learn how to store or save base64 images in the public folder. Friends this most common task when we working with API. An app developer provides us image in base64 and asks for the public path. So let’s go. First We need to convert an image to base64 for … Read more

[Solved] Call to undefined method App\Models\User::createToken()

Normally “Call to undefined method App\Models\User::createToken()” error comes during working on Passport API authentication. So in this blog post, we solve this issue in simple two-line. just flow me. App\Models\User.php Add method createToken is in HasApiTokens trait, you should use it In your User Model. At the above code, I added two line and I … Read more