How To Make Multi Auth In Laravel 8 [With full Source Code]

How To Make Multi Auth In Laravel 8

In this blog post, we learn How To Make Multi Auth In Laravel 8. We know laravel gives us a default auth for users but in some cases, we need another auth for admin or seller. So first here I am using a fresh laravel 8 application so first, install a laravel application and generate … Read more

Submit Laravel Form Using Ajax Post Method with Validation

laravel ajax form by post method

In this post, we learn how to submit a form by the Ajax post method in laravel. Ajax is great to submit forms or get data from the database without reloading or refresh the page. We also validation our data in the Laravel controller and show an error message in your blade file. Step 1: … Read more

Laravel Eloquent Multiple Where

Laravel Eloquent Multiple Where

hello developers, in this post, we will learn how to use “Laravel Eloquent Multiple Where”. as we knew that “where” is uses to make conditions in the query. Generally, we use a single “where Eloquent”, But sometimes we need multiple “where” conditions for a query. So here I will show how to use multiple where … Read more

How to use Multiple Databases in Laravel?

How to use Multiple Databases in Laravel

Sometimes we need two or more databases for the same Laravel project, So we can easily connect our Laravel Application with external data from another database Step: 1 Update config/database.php In config/database.php Here we can see an array of all connections like MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server. Here we can add more than one connection with the same database system. … Read more

Laravel vs Flask | Which is Better for Web Development?

Laravel vs Flask

In this post, we compared Flask vs Laravel, Most of the community recommends Flask for most developers. Now Question is “Which is the best framework for the backend?” Flash is ranked on 2 while Laravel is on the 4th rank. Express is on the first rank. The most important reason the developer chose Flask because it’s very … Read more