Create a Forum Using Chatter in Laravel

This topic is creating a forum in Laravel 5.8 using Chatter, I will show you how easy it is to create your own Laravel Forum using the Chatter Package In this post, we create a Laravel forum using Chatter package. Chatter package provides us with a very easy function to create a forum for Laravel. In … Read more

Create a Basic Layout of the Master Page in Laravel

This post describes creating a Basic Layout of the Master Page in Laravel. Step 1: Create a “main.blade.php” page in view folder First, create a new page “main.blade.php” in view Folder. Step 2: Create a Folder “partials” and add some pages in this folder. _head.blade.php _css.blade.php _nav.blade.php _footer.blade.php _script.blade.php In the head, section Include two pages _head and _css which is partials folder. … Read more

Improve Your Laravel Application Speed and Performances


In this blog post, we learn how to Improve Your Laravel application Speed and Performance by using a simple Laravel package. To increase our Laravel application performance, we will use “laravel-page-speed” package Googel mentioned in doc for SEO, Page speed is a very important factor for SEO and ranking. we will use “laravel-page-speed” a simple package for … Read more