Prevent Block Multiple Logins Of Same Credentials in Laravel 5.7

In this blog, we learn how to prevent block multiple logins of same credentials in Laravel 5.7. For the security reasons or some other reason, we can block multiple logins of same credentials in Laravel 5.7. this function is mostly used in applications. This amazing functionality we will do using Laravel session token key and google firebase. When someone … Read more

Use Server Side Datatable Laravel 5.8

In this post, we are going to know about Server Side Datatable using Laravel 5.8. Data Table is one of the most important plugins in jQuery Library to show data in tables with the advance search function. Datatables is very important for showing large data into the table. the main advantage of the data table … Read more

Create Newsletter in Laravel

Create Newsletter in Laravel

Today topic is Create Newsletter in Laravel 5.7. we learn how to send the newsletter to subscribed visiter In this tutorial, we use Laravel 5.7 and  Spatie/Laravel-newsletter package for creating the newsletter in Laravel 5.7. we also use a MailChimp marketing company service which provides to send newsletters to our subscribers. The newsletter is a very effective … Read more

Create a Forum Using Chatter in Laravel

This topic is creating a forum in Laravel 5.8 using Chatter, I will show you how easy it is to create your own Laravel Forum using the Chatter Package In this post, we create a Laravel forum using Chatter package. Chatter package provides us with a very easy function to create a forum for Laravel. In … Read more

Create a Basic Layout of the Master Page in Laravel

This post describes creating a Basic Layout of the Master Page in Laravel. Step 1: Create a “main.blade.php” page in view folder First, create a new page “main.blade.php” in view Folder. Step 2: Create a Folder “partials” and add some pages in this folder. _head.blade.php _css.blade.php _nav.blade.php _footer.blade.php _script.blade.php In the head, section Include two pages _head and _css which is partials folder. … Read more

Improve Your Laravel Application Speed and Performances


In this blog post, we learn how to Improve Your Laravel application Speed and Performance by using a simple Laravel package. To increase our Laravel application performance, we will use “laravel-page-speed” package Googel mentioned in doc for SEO, Page speed is a very important factor for SEO and ranking. we will use “laravel-page-speed” a simple package for … Read more

SEO tool for Laravel Application


Today’s topic is an SEO tool for Laravel applications. we integrate artesaos/seotools package for the Laravel application. On the internet to get on the first page of Google SEO is the most important factor so to many methods and ways to stay on the first page of Google. Today we discuss an SEO artesaos/seotools plugin for Laravel by … Read more