Laravel Ajax Get Data From Database Step By Step

In this blog post, we learn how to ajax getting data from the database in laravel step by step. Getting data by ajax from the database is a common requirement in web development. this is a very easy and simple method. so let’s start to do this task. I hope you installed the Laravel project and … Read more

[Solved] Target class Controller does not exist

The controller does not exist

“Target class Controller does not exist” issue comes in Laravel 8. One simple trick can solve this issue. This error comes in Laravel new version because there is no namespace prefix being applied to your route groups that your routes are loaded into. In the old version of Laravel, the RouteServiceProvider contained a $namespace property. In the old version property’s value … Read more

What is Laravel Seeder and how to use seeder in Laravel?

What is Laravel Seeder

In this blog post, we know about laravel seeder and how to create an id and use it. Laravel seeder uses to insert multiple rows of data into the database by one command. In this blog post, we learn how to create a Laravel seeder and run a specific seeder class or multiple seeder class … Read more