URL Validation with Regex in Python

To validate URLs in Python using regular expressions, you can utilize the re module. Here’s an example of how you can validate a URL using regex: import re def validate_url(url): pattern = r’^(https?|ftp)://[^\s/$.?#].[^\s]*$’ if re.match(pattern, url): return True else: return False # Example usage url1 = ‘https://www.example.com’ url2 = ‘ftp://example.com/file.txt’ url3 = ‘invalid url’ print(validate_url(url1)) … Read more

Split strings in Python with example

Certainly! In Python, you can split strings using the split() method or the re.split() function from the re module for more complex splitting based on regular expressions. Here are examples of both approaches: Splitting with split() method: sentence = “Hello, how are you today?” words = sentence.split() # Split by whitespace print(words) # Output: [‘Hello,’, … Read more

How to replace character in string python by index?

In Python, strings are immutable, which means you cannot directly modify a character at a specific index. However, you can create a new string by replacing the character at the desired index. Here’s an example of how you can replace a character in a string by index: def replace_char_by_index(string, index, new_char): if index < 0 … Read more

How to email validation without regex in python?

To validate an email without using regular expressions in Python, you can utilize the email module from the standard library. Here’s an example of how you can perform email validation using the email module: import re from email import policy from email.parser import BytesParser def validate_email(email): try: # Parse the email using BytesParser parser = … Read more

How to match pattern over multiple lines in Python?

To match patterns over multiple lines in Python, you can use the re module along with the re.DOTALL or re.S flag. These flags allow the dot (.) metacharacter to match any character, including newlines. Here’s an example: import re # Multiline string text = ”’ This is line 1. This is line 2. This is … Read more