[Solved] Composer detected issues in your platform your composer dependencies require a PHP version in Laravel

Usually, this error comes from using an old PHP version on a live server Or a version of PHP that your project dependencies are not supporting. To solve this, you should upgrade the version of PHP on the live server and check it.

So let’s see how to do it

Step 1: Login to your hosting account and find PHP Configuration or MultiPHP Manager

Depending on your hosting company, you may see PHP Configuration or MultiPHP Manager. you have to choose

search for php configutation
Search for PHP configuration

Step 2: Update PHP version

In this step, you need to update the PHP version according to your project or Select the version that you are using for the local server.

select Php version
Select Relevant Php version

All is done now have to refresh the page. It may take some time for the PHP version to be completely updated, so be patient.