[Solved] Error: Apache Shutdown Unexpectedly

Friends, this error often comes while using XAMPP. So that we are not able to open XAMPP and the database is not accessible.

In this post, I am going to share a simple method that always helps me and I hope that will help you.

Step 1: Rename mysql/data

First, you have to rename the MySQL/data folder.

mysql/data to mysql/data_old (you can use any name)

Step 2: Create a new folder “mysql/data”

In the second method create a new folder named “data” into the mysql folder and Copy the files in mysql/backup to the new mysql/data folder.

Copy all your database folders that are in mysql/data_old to mysql/data.

Don’t copy the mysqlperformance_schema, and phpmyadmin folders from data_old

Step 3: Copy “ibdata1” file

Now, copy the ibdata1 file from mysql/data_old and replace it inside mysql/data folder.

Step 4: Finish

Start MySQL from the XAMPP control panel. Now you can use your XAMPP. without any problem.

MySQL shutdown unexpectedly
Solved MySQL shutdown unexpectedly

And in this way we have solved this “Apache Shutdown Unexpectedly” issue, hope this post will help you. Avoid any files during this process.