How To Share Postman API Collection?

Hello, developers In this post we will learn how to share the Postman API collection. By sharing API collection, another developer can easily import the collection into his postman and get all the API with parameters and values. it’s even easier.

share api collection
share API collection

First of all click on the right side 3 dots of the API folder and select the first option “share collection”.

share API collection get public link
Click on “get public link”

On clicking, a new tab will open. In which there will be 3 options, you have to click on “get public link”.

get public link
Click on Get public link
copy and share postman API collection
copy and share postman API collection

So this is your public API collection link which you can share with your android or frontend developer.

But keep one thing in mind, whenever you create a new API, you will have to update this link every time. The link will not change, but the new API will be updated.

I hope you liked this tutorial