How To Solve CORS issue in Laravel and make Laravel CORS Middleware

In this blog post, we make Laravel CORS Middleware solve the issue of CORS. Sometimes we need backend as a Laravel framework which is run on another port normally it run on //localhost:8000/ and other frontend framework run on another port. then this problem arrives.  So let’s solve this issue. Step: 1 Create a Middleware Create a … Read more

Laravel advance search filters with optional fields.

This post explains how to use the advanced filter with Laravel some fields are optional step by step. In this above Image, have many fields and some are optional it’s depends on the user. Step:1 Create a simple form  Step: 2 SearchController.php Here we try to show with two fields, the query filter eye_color  apply on the filter when … Read more

Check Mobile Device or Desktop Laravel 5.8

In this blog post, we learn how to check a mobile device or desktop Laravel 5.8. this post we will use a package “jenssegers/agent” In many times need to need to detect devices using the application. we have a Jessenger agent package for the detection of mobile or desktop in Laravel 5.8. we can easily check … Read more

Laravel Migrations: Check if Table/Column Already Exists

In this post, I explain how to check Table/Column already exist or not in Laravel. When we working on a big project generally we faced migration for the same table or even column that already exists. Luckily, Laravel has a quick way of checking it.  Typical migration file looks like this: ok, Suppose if flights table already exists in our … Read more

Crop Image and Save into Database using PHP with Ajax

Today we learn how to Crop Image and Save into Database using PHP with Ajax In this post, we learn how to Crop Image and Save into Database using PHP with Ajax. In this blog post, you can learn Crop Image and Save into Database using PHP with Ajax and javascript and then after that cropped image stored … Read more

E-commerce PHP Project Free Download with Database and Source Code

E-commerce PHP Project Free Download

Mobile store E-commerce Core PHP projects free download with database and source code. Features Product Add to card  Category search project information The Admin Panel Admin can upload new category and modify existing category. Admin can upload new product in the category. How to use Project full E-commerce PHP projects  In zip file have full source … Read more

How To Use Laravel 7 Blade Component [New Feature in Laravel 7]

This blog post describes how to use the Laravel 7 blade component. which is come in the Laravel 7 new feature. Laravel blade component is a new feature that comes in the Laravel 7 version. This blog post will describe how to use the Laravel Blade component and why we use it?. Why we use … Read more

Prevent Block Multiple Logins Of Same Credentials in Laravel 5.7

In this blog, we learn how to prevent block multiple logins of same credentials in Laravel 5.7. For the security reasons or some other reason, we can block multiple logins of same credentials in Laravel 5.7. this function is mostly used in applications. This amazing functionality we will do using Laravel session token key and google firebase. When someone … Read more

Use Server Side Datatable Laravel 5.8

In this post, we are going to know about Server Side Datatable using Laravel 5.8. Data Table is one of the most important plugins in jQuery Library to show data in tables with the advance search function. Datatables is very important for showing large data into the table. the main advantage of the data table … Read more

Create Newsletter in Laravel

Create Newsletter in Laravel

Today topic is Create Newsletter in Laravel 5.7. we learn how to send the newsletter to subscribed visiter In this tutorial, we use Laravel 5.7 and  Spatie/Laravel-newsletter package for creating the newsletter in Laravel 5.7. we also use a MailChimp marketing company service which provides to send newsletters to our subscribers. The newsletter is a very effective … Read more