Create Dynamic Navigation in Laravel

In this blog post, we learn how to make the dynamic navigation bar in Laravel 5. we fetch data from the database and show into the navigation bar. Many projects need dynamic nav bar where the user needs dynamic data in the navigation bar when any new data, should be shown in the navigation bar. … Read more

How to Check User online or not in Laravel?

This is post describes how to check user online or not in Laravel without storing any token in the database. we check user online or not based on recent activity using middleware. Some developers use a token to store in the users’ table when the user login and deletes token when the user logs out … Read more

Validation Handling In Laravel Vue Error Step By Step

In this Blog, I going to share Blog on Validation Handling In Laravel Vue Error Step By Step To demonstrate in the tutorial we will submit a registration form for the user. and create a validation in Registration Controller when the user submits a form with validation errors.  we will show in the Register Vue component. … Read more