Create a Forum in Laravel 5.8 Using Chatter

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This topic is creating a forum in Laravel 5.8 using Chatter, I will show you how easy it is to create your own Laravel Forum using the Chatter Package

In this post, we create a Laravel forum using Chatter package. Chatter package provides us with a very easy function to create a forum for Laravel. In this application, we will use Laravel 5.7.

We create the final Laravel 5.7 forum application as below.

Create a Forum in Laravel 5.8 Using Chatter

Step:1 Create a new Laravel application

First, we need to create a  new Laravel project to create a following this command.

laravel new chatter


Step: 2 Connect with Database 

After creating a project we connect our application with database. Here we using new Laravel project so make sure to install the default user authentication provided with Laravel. 

php artisan make:auth


Step: 3 Install Package

Install Chatter package into your Laravel application using the following command.

composer require "devdojo/chatter=0.2.*"


Step: 4 Update the service provider

Add the service provider to your config/app.php provider's array:



Step: 5 Publish the Vendor

Publish the Vendor using the following command.

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="DevDojo\Chatter\ChatterServiceProvider"


After that, we need to be published a few new files to our application we need to reload them with the following command.

composer dump-autoload

Create a Forum in Laravel 5.8 Using Chatter


Step: 6 Run Your migrations

You can see the many files in the migrations folder.

Create a Forum in Laravel 5.8 Using Chatter

Now migrate all files using this command.

php artisan migrate


Step:7 Seed Your Database

We need some data to test our Laravel forum application so we will use the following command to seed some little data.

php artisan db:seed --class=ChatterTableSeeder


Step:8 Add yield in Master page

Add yield into master page app.blade.php file include a header and footer yield. Inside the head of your app.blade.php add the following.

Add style into the head.


And add js yield at the bottom of the body.



Now, finally, we complete this tutorial Create a Forum in Laravel 5.8 Using Chatter to see our new Laravel forum application visit your http://localhost:8000/forums/ and you should see your new forum in front of you!

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